Note: As of OpenSSH 3.7p1, the regression tests included in the releases will work on most supported platforms. The information on this page is obsolete, and is maintained only for historical purposes. For information regarding the current OpenSSH regression test suite, download the current portable OpenSSH tarball and read the file regress/README.regress.

OpenSSH Portable Regression Tests

Fast start for the impatient

$ CVS_RSH=ssh
$ export CVS_RSH
$ cvs -z3 -d get openssh
$ cd openssh
$ lynx -source | patch -p0
$ autoreconf
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make tests

If you've alread got a copy of the CVS tree then you can skip steps 1-3.

Details, details


These patches are based on Markus Friedl's original OpenBSD regression tests and include work by Roumen Petrov and myself.

The reasons for the changes can be found in the following threads in openssh-unix-dev:

diff against OpenBSD regression test
regressport: diff against OpenSSH
regressport2: diff against OpenSSH CVS (updated 2003/01/23)
regressport3: diff against OpenSSH CVS (updated 2003/06/20)



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